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Asking “what are you good at?”, in my opinion, can be essentially the same as asking, “what is your passion?”

In both cases, you’re placing the source of career satisfaction in matching your job to an intrinsic trait.

And this is dangerous.

Pick something that you wouldn’t mind investing years in mastering.

Even if you are already pretty good at something, you should still need to expect years of hard work deliberate improvement until you excel at it.

[…] passion will grow along with your skill.

My thoughts: I agree that asking for your passion or a skill is not a very useful question regarding picking a career or a university track. Many of us don’t have a passion or a skill which is useful on the career market. However, many of us have the potential of developing a skill, which is attractive on the market and when you have a skill where the demand is high, you have more freedom in setting up conditions that lead to career satisfaction. (See and